HEC Wine Quiz
Level 2


Please note these are HATTEN EDUCATION CENTER's exam style questions. They are NOT past papers and were not produced by or copied from WSET exams.

1. On A Spanish Wine Label, The Initials Do Guarantee That The Wine
2. Premium Quality Zinfandel Has Flavours Of
3. Which Of The Following Techniques Is/Are Commonly Used In The Production Of Premium Chardonnay? 1. Malolatic Fermentation, 2. Less Striring, 3. Pumping-Over
4. A Wine Labelled As Cuvee Could Be A Blend Of Different : 1. Grape Varieties, 2. Regions, 3. Vats In The Winery, 4. Vintages
5. Which One Of The Following Regions Has A Reputation For Premium Quality Riesling?
6. German Riesling Wines Have Flavours Of
7. German Lightest Bodied Riesling Region Are
8. The More Vineyard Location Closes To Equator Will Be More Hot Climate
9. Viogner Mostly Found In
10. Geographical Indication In Italy Are