HEC Wine Quiz
Level 2


Please note these are HATTEN EDUCATION CENTER's exam style questions. They are NOT past papers and were not produced by or copied from WSET exams.

1. Which One Of The Following Regions Produces The Lightest- Bodied Riesling Wines?
2. 'Medium Or Sweet And Medium-Bodied With High Acid And Flavours Of Citrus And Apple' Best Describe
3. Which Of The Following Techniques Is/Are Commonly Used In The Production Of Premium Chardonnay? 1. Malolatic Fermentation, 2. Less Striring, 3. Pumping-Over
4. A Wine Labelled Amarone Della Valpolicella Is
5. Grenache Grapes Typically Have
6. What Term Is Used On An Italian Wine Label To Indicate That The Grapes Were Grown In The Historic Centre Of The District?
7. German Lightest Bodied Riesling Region Are
8. Mataro And Mourvedre Are Two Different Type Of Grape
9. Red Wine Fermentation Temperature Are
10. Grape Variety Used To Make Gavi